Why Michael Brenner of NewsCred Says Marketing Is Broken

Why Michael Brenner of NewsCred Says Marketing Is Broken

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“Marketing is broken.”

That’s a bold statement coming from one of today’s most influential marketers, but it’s a firmly held belief of Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy at NewsCred and former VP of Marketing at SAP.

In the latest episode of Market Movers with Christine Crandell, Brenner gave a simple explanation of why he thinks marketing today is problematic: “Most of marketing is ineffective pushing, and that’s the stuff that we as consumers are tuning out.”

For marketers, that’s something that’s hard to hear, but even harder to deny.

To be effective, marketing must focus on the customer, answering questions and solving pain points along their journey. It’s easy to lose sight of that commitment, but it’s something marketers need to continually remind themselves.

In the interview, Brenner illustrates his point by describing a situation many marketers can relate to: A company is started in order to solve a problem. The company grows and becomes successful. The marketing team starts developing content, but they don’t see any results.


“Unfortunately, a lot of the content that happens inside companies is completely ineffective and all about the business,” Brenner said. The content revolves around the companies themselves, and the marketers forget why the business began in the first place: to solve real customer problems.

For more from Brenner, including his solution for fixing these issues, check out the newest episode of Market Movers.


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