Why Your Marketing Team Needs Documented Buyer Personas

Why Your Marketing Team Needs Documented Buyer Personas

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Working on buyer personas is kind of like flossing: You know it’s something you should be doing on a regular basis, but it doesn’t always end up happening.

But just like a gentle reminder from your dentist, the results from Cintell’s recent study are here to reinforce what you already know: Today’s highest performing marketers are those who recognize the importance of creating and maintaining buyer personas.

According to the data, organizations with sophisticated processes around buyer personas are those that consistently exceed their revenue and lead goals. Not only is it important to put the work into creating personas, but it’s also critical to properly document and maintain them.

Some of the most striking findings include:

  • 71% of companies who exceed revenue and lead goals have documented personas vs. 37% who
    simply meet goals. (Click to tweet)
  • 70% of companies who missed revenue and lead goals did not conduct qualitative persona interviews. (Click to tweet)
  • 70% of companies who miss revenue and lead goals do not account for the full buying committee with their personas. (Click to tweet)
  • High-performing companies were 2.3X as likely to research the drivers and motivations of their buyers. (Click to tweet)

The bottom line here is obvious: dedicating time to persona development helps your marketing organization thrive. But building out buyer personas requires a good deal of work. The most successful marketers were those who had a dedicated internal resource accountable for personas — but few businesses have such a person. As a result, respondents reported that their top challenge was getting their organization as a whole to value personas.

As with other surveys like this, marketers can derive the most value by applying these learnings to their own teams. To get the most from your personas, make sure you’re taking the following actions:

  • Formally document who your buyers are and what their needs are
  • Update them every 6 months
  • Perform qualitative interviews with customers and non-customers
  • Account for the full buying committee
  • Designate an accountable internal resource

Implementing these strategies does much more than just improving your knowledge of your buyer. It allows your organization to become more customer focused and able to provide genuine value to help them solve their business challenges.

Interested in learning more about buyer personas and how you can leverage them to generate better demand? Watch this two-minute video with Cintell CMO Katie Martell as she explains how to develop personas that help guide your marketing and sales strategy.

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