Your Questions Answered: PR for Your Webinar

Your Questions Answered: PR for Your Webinar

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Influencer endorsements are vital in boosting webinar promotion and ensuring increased exposure both before AND after your event. The media and other sources can share your content with their audience, creating invaluable word-of-mouth promotion from trusted third parties.

Last week, we hosted a webinar to discuss five ways to win influencers. If you missed it, join us this Thursday, July 30 at 3 pm BST to hear from Cameron Jahn, our Director of Product Marketing, on the matter.

I wanted to touch upon some of the questions from the Q&A in last week’s live webinar: generating that first connection with an influencer; the best approach for making that connection; and other topics relating to media and influencer relations.

Q: How do you start the initial conversation with an influencer?

A: The initial conversation implements that perfect pitch we discussed in the webinar. It’s about connecting on that fundamental level of what you can do for them as the initial conversation is primarily about what you can do to help that influencer’s credibility and need for content. 

Q: I have a list of influencers that I follow on Twitter. How do I get their email addresses so I can put them in my nurturing campaign?

A: To connect with key influencers and tap into their audience, engage with them in their social conversations. You’ll need to build those relationships to gain these points of contact. A good way to connect would be to send a Twitter message and utilize the perfect pitch as discussed in the webinar.

Start out with, “I understand you write about XY and Z topics. I have some data your readers will find helpful and I’d love to connect with you.” Always address the key points on how they will benefit from the connection – not about how great you are.

Often times you’ll find the influencers on Twitter and continue the relationships on LinkedIn. One big mistake people make on LinkedIn and Twitter is that they connect with highly influential individuals but send the generic automated messages expecting something to come from that outreach. Busy professionals often delete generic invites. Make sure to personalize the outreach to increase the likelihood of a response.

Of course, if you’d like to go the paid route, PR service providers like Cision and others can help you easily find influencers’ email addresses. Word of caution: remember that rather than putting an influencer directly in your nurturing campaign, it’s important to actually connect with them for that human-to-human interaction that gets their attention.

Q: What do you think about asking influencers to become guest bloggers? When would this step make sense?

A: There are a few key questions to ask yourself before inviting someone to be a guest blogger.

  • How strategic is it? Will they bring more attention to your website?
  • Are they quality writers?
  • Are they on point with the topics pertinent to your business?

Even if they have a great following, if they cover a topic that won’t necessarily jive well with your current audience and won’t bring unique traffic to your site, it might be better to pass. Inviting guest bloggers is really about analyzing whether or not it makes sense for both parties.

If you do decide to bring an influencer on as a guest blogger, make it as convenient for them as possible. You may even need to help them come up with topics, create an outline, or write the draft for them.

Q: Should you pitch multiple webinars to the same influencers? Or should you look for new people when putting on a new event?

A: When pitching your webinars, you don’t want to bombard your influencers with information that’s not net new or is irrelevant to their topic and followers. Use your webinar’s “power bullets,” those key pieces of information that people will want to retweet because they know it’s going to grab attention. If you’re doing a series on lead generation tips and your influencer covers lead generation, reach out to that person for those webinars.

However, if you’re doing a mix of webinar topics, not every one of them will be relevant to each influencer. The key thing here is to not exhaust your influencers. Reach out to them with relevant content and help them understand how it connects with their audience.

Join us for the EMEA edition of PR for Your Webinar: 5 Ways to Win Influencers this Thursday, July 30 at 3 pm BST and learn how to identify your (and your customers’) influencers, craft the perfect pitch, and make your webinar easy to promote.

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