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Welcome to our interactive course, The BrightTALK Blueprint! Created by and for marketers, we’ll breakdown how to plan, execute, measure and scale a successful webinar program. Hosted by members of BrightTALK’s own marketing team, this video-based course also provides resources for additional learning and opportunities to get in touch to talk about your strategy. Let’s get started!

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We'll provide resources and best practices that can help you hit your goals in record time.

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BrightTALK Blueprint

If you’re just getting started with a webinar strategy, start at the beginning with Plan. You’ll get our step-by-step guide for quickly launching a webinar program that engages, inspires and converts your audience.

Feel free to skip ahead to Measure and Scale for insights on how to evolve and optimize your webinar approach.


01 Plan 02 Execute 03 Measure 04 Scale

01 Plan

We will show you how getting granular when it comes to prepping for production will help set you up for success in the long run. Along the way, we share project management tips and tricks the BrightTALK team uses to deliver game-changing webinars every week.

Intro To Plan

In this module of the BrightTALK Blueprint, we cover how to build an effective content strategy and ensure alignment on your content plan.
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Building Your Content Strategy

Marketers now know more about their audiences than ever before.
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Content Planning And Alignment

There's no doubt that webinar and video-based programs are critical to any go-to-market strategy.
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Prepping For Production

Now it’s time to prep for production.
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02 Execute

Our team has run thousands of webinars over the years and there are a few tips and tricks we've picked up along the way. In this module, we'll focus on how you can develop a webinar idea and how to approach the logistics. You'll walk away with our promotions roadmap, as well as best practices on how to support your speakers on the live day of the presentation, while also ensuring a spectacular viewer experience.

Intro To Execute

Now that you have your overarching strategy in place, it's time to actually create your webinar content.
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Developing Content

Before you can even think about scheduling and promoting your content, you'll need to nail down a few important details.
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Running Promotions

Strong promotions can be the difference between a good and great webinar program.
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Executing The Live Day

In lesson 3, we'll focus on how you can create the best live webinar experience for everyone involved.
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03 Measure

Measurement is absolutely critical to understanding the success and ROI of a new marketing channel. You'll want to set your systems and data up so you can create both short-term and long-term goals for your webinar program. In this module, we'll walk through how our team measures our webinars across a range of data points and we'll provide tips for setting your own internal benchmarks for success.

Intro To Measure

Join us as we walk through how our team measures our webinars across a range of data points and we'll provide tips for setting your own internal benchmarks for success.
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Managing Your Systems

In this module, we'll show you how our team creates campaigns, syncs over engagement data, and contextualizes leads for our sales organization.
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Content Goals

This module will enable you to run a historical analysis of past content so you can create stretch goals. We'll also share industry standards for content performance from our annual BrightTALK Benchmarks Report.
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Long-Term Measurement

In our last lesson of this module, we'll dig into how engagement with your webinar content translates into longterm success and won business.
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04 Scale

Module 4 will showcase how we at BrightTALK have learned how to turn certain dials to add even more success to our programs and how you can do the same.

Intro To Scale

This last and final module is all about scale and how you can apply what you’ve learned so far in this course to the rest of your marketing operations.
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Operating At Scale

This first lesson will guide you through how to understand scale when it comes to your content and marketing strategy.
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How To Build Momentum In Your Demand Generation Strategy

In lesson 2 of module 4, we will explore all the different tweaks and small adjustments you can make to your existing campaigns for even greater success.
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Increasing Reach With Virtual Events

In the third and final lesson, we’ll go over how you can extend your reach even further with virtual events.
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