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Use surveys to gather information about your audience beyond what comes on the standard registration form, or to better align registration data with your organization’s systems. Channel surveys apply to subscribers when they register for any content in your channel. Webcast surveys are tied only to a specific webinar or video.

Create a channel survey

From the channel management page, navigate to theSettings tab, then choose Channel survey.

Create a content survey

Access the management area for the webinar you would like to add a survey to. Click the Content survey link.

Step 1

Select question type from the drop-down and click Add. Fill out the pop-up form and click save. Repeat these steps until you have all of the survey questions you require.

Step 2

Use Drag to organize your survey questions. Then click the Make Active button to activate your channel or webcast survey.

Useful tips

  • Asking a lot of extra questions can decrease registration rates, so stick to asking only the most pressing questions.
  • Audience members will never have to answer the same channel survey question twice. Returning audience will only see new questions that you have added.
  • Some common uses of the channel survey include adding a disclaimer or asking for zip code. Some common uses of the webinar survey include collecting questions ahead of time for the presenter or gathering audience stats on the webinar’s topic.

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