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Series Overview

Early in 2021, Gartner reported 89% of service leaders believe that two years from now, 20% to 80% of their workforce will continue working remotely full-time. As more organisations are beginning to consider cloud adoption, companies now need to consider how they will support their remote workforces moving forward. Join us to discover what tools you can use to deliver a seamless transition, understand what steps you can take moving forward and find out how rushing to the cloud can leave companies vulnerable to threats.

Establishing Your Organisation’s Cloud Roadmap
Filming: 22 June 2021, 8:30 - 10:00am BST

According to Gartner, IT spending is set to increase by 4.9% in 2021. Last year, businesses rushed to facilitate remote working. Moving forward, they will have to reassess the state of their operations and internal communications strategies to empower the remote workforce and respond to an increasingly demanding online customer base.

As Cloud adoption increases IT modernization, some companies may not yet feel ready to take the jump. Even if you are not prepared for full cloud migration, you can still invest in your infrastructure to maximise the benefits of the cloud for your organisation. Regardless of your levels of preparedness for cloud migration, it’s essential to choose the right solution for your business needs.

Join us to learn how to address the evolving needs of your organisation and prepare for a move to cloud on your own terms.

Join now to learn:

  • Whether businesses should focus on improving their remote workforce or prepare to adapt for a hybrid workforce
  • How to center customer needs in your cloud strategy with flexible systems
  • How to utilize communications technology to maintain effective interactions
  • How to use flexible cloud systems to improve the customer experience and drive interactions
  • How to fortify your communication strategy with an integrated solution that works cohesively with your existing infrastructure
Cloud Migration Checklist: What’s Right for You
Filming: 5th July or 6th July, 2021, 4 - 5:30pm BST

In 2024, cloud spending is projected to be 14.2% of the total global enterprise IT spending market, compared to the 9.1% it was in 2020 according to Gartner. Supporting a remote workforce means managing large amounts of data across an increasing number of networks. The benefits of a successful cloud migration program are clear, but it’s vital that organisations understand their move to the cloud and can navigate the adoption process on their own terms and at a comfortable pace.

Organisations that have migrated to cloud benefit from lower costs, economic efficiency and faster deployment. While these benefits are tempting, it can be daunting to decide which cloud model is right for you. When it comes to efficient cloud migration, it’s important to choose the right solution for your business. Choosing a solution that is flexible, reliable and secure are important priorities on your cloud journey.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Which Cloud platform is right for you, and which solution is best for your business
  • How outsourcing communications to a trusted advisor can make your migration to cloud painless and stress-free
  • How data-driven insights can help you determine which cloud model is right for your organization
  • How to navigate the next steps on your cloud journey

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  • Panelists must share their information in an educational, non-commercial and non-self-promotional manner.

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