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Episode 1: How to Automate and Integrate Application Security Testing into DevOps
Filming: October 21st at 1:00 - 2:30pm ET

For many organizations, digital transformation is in overdrive, and the pressure to develop and release more and more software on time is increasing exponentially. Application security testing is no longer a choice, and the reactive approach no longer works.

Discovering vulnerabilities early in the software development life cycle (SDLC) is essential, and it saves time and cost in the long run. To achieve this, application security testing needs to be an integral part of the development process.

Join this episode of The Road to DevSecOps Success series to learn from the experts on how to approach automation and integrate application security testing into your development workflows.

  • Viewers will learn more about:
  • How to get started with application security testing
  • What to look for to automate and integrate application security testing (AST) seamlessly into developer workflows
  • What is the difference between Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Software Composition Analysis (SCA), and Interactive Application Security
  • Testing (IAST), and how do they work to secure application code
  • Best practices for maximizing application security without slowing down development
Episode 2: How to Bake Security Into the Developer Workflow
Filming: November 4th at 1:00 - 2:30pm ET

It’s time to make it easier for developers to own the security of their code.

Instead of finding and fixing vulnerabilities towards the end of the software development cycle, we need to make security seamless for developers from the start. This includes automating security scanning at the source code repository and integrating the security results seamlessly back into the source code repository. This will give developers immediate feedback without having to leave their environment. The “shift center” approach to DevOps works with security in mind at every stage and is fundamentally changing the way applications are developed.

Join this episode of The Road to DevSecOps Success series to learn why a developer-friendly approach to AppSec is needed and how to make it easier to write secure code.

  • Our experts will discuss:
  • Why Shift Left should really be Shift Center
  • New approaches that seamlessly automate security testing into the development ecosystem
  • How to create a closed-loop from repo to ticketing strategy to reduce manual updates
  • Strategies for just in time developer security education to drive continuous improvement
Episode 3: Security Education for Developers
Filming: December 1st at 1:00 - 2:30pm

The security of your software all starts with the code. Ensuring that the code written for an application does what it was built to do and that it’s keeping the contained data secure is essential. So, how can we, as an industry, do a better job of writing more-secure code?

Here’s where security education and empowering DevOps teams comes in. How can we better educate developers on application security and teach them to develop more secure code?

Join this episode of The Road to DevSecOps Success series to learn why security matters for developers, how to give your developers secure coding training, and foster a culture of collaboration.

Viewers will also learn about:

  • When it comes to software development, who owns security?
  • How to teach your developers to write more secure code
  • The role of the security champions vs. integrated JIT training for secure coding education
  • What are the most common – and easily correctable — vulnerabilities and why?
  • How do you create an effective AppSec Awareness Program?

Panelist Requirements:

  • Panelists must adhere 100% to our “NO COMMERCIALISM” Policy. If you cannot avoid commercialism, please do not agree to speak.
  • Panelists must share their information in an educational, non-commercial and non-self-promotional manner.
  • Panelists must provide session description for the Summit website.

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