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Series Overview

As security breaches and attacks become more sophisticated, data production increases, and security solutions grow more complicated, it’s become critical to revisit, redefine, and re-establish the main pillars of your security program. From incident response to user analytics and cloud security, this webcast series breaks down what the security landscape looks like for today’s enterprise, and why viewing your security holistically is beneficial for your entire organization.

Join expert panellists throughout this series as we:

  • Break down the security landscape of 2021
  • Discuss key security threats faced globally
  • Explore the tools and approaches needed to navigate security today
Securing Every Layer, From Infrastructure to Applications
Filming: 1st July 2021, 4 - 5:30pm BST

Securing every layer of your attack surface is crucial when it comes to staying ahead of threats and vulnerabilities. Though you may have already put solutions in place to secure your infrastructure, if you have not secured your applications, your whole network is at risk. Applications are often used as vectors by attackers—allowing those attackers to jeopardize entire IT ecosystems.

Evidently, it is not enough to simply secure your infrastructure. But what are the best ways to secure your applications, how can you scan for vulnerabilities in your applications, and how important is monitoring and protection?

In this session, we will discuss:

  • Why the number of attacks on web applications has doubled since 2019, and what your security teams can do to navigate these risks
  • How monitoring and protection provides critical insight and safeguards for your application security
  • How to achieve success in your web application security testing program
  • Why a holistic approach to application security is 100% necessary today
Understanding Ransomware: Prepare and Prevent
Filming: 15th July 2021, 4 - 5:30pm BST

In 2020 ransomware surged by 150%, according to a new Group-IB report. With this level of risk, leaders and security professionals must double down on their vulnerability management while also looking internally to increase operational security.

A ransomware attack is more than a mere annoyance. It can bring your organization to a crashing halt, while also exposing your sensitive data and negatively impacting your brand reputation. As the risk of a ransomware attack on your organization increases, it’s important to take a look at the prevention and response methods you have in place.

Join us in this session as we discuss:

  • Why user education is vital to protecting against ransomware attacks
  • Why a disaster recovery plan is a must for your organization
  • Why ransomware attacks are on the rise and methods to secure your organization
Incident Detection and Response: Getting Into the Mindset of an Attacker
Filming: 29th July 2021, 4 - 5:30pm BST

Nowadays, it’s not a question of if you’ll be breached, but when. Therefore, you need the people, processes, and technology in place to respond quickly and efficiently to attacks.

While breaches have become a certainty, by adopting the mindset of an attacker, you can detect breaches in your network before they’re able to cause damage. This approach to incident detection and response directly informs the software and services needed to equip security professionals to do their best work.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • Why it is so important to have an incident detection and response program before you are compromised
  • The kinds of technology solutions needed to support your organization
  • The value of incident detection solutions that adopt the mindset of an attacker, and what this can do for your business
How to Protect Against Phishing Attacks at All Business Levels
Filming: 12th August 2021, 4 - 5:30pm BST

In a recent SANS survey, it was found that phishing was observed in 78% of organizations. With this amount of phishing occurring, it is crucial that organizations prepare themselves with effective and impactful phishing protection strategies.

Though technology alone can’t stop phishing, it can help to reduce the harmful impact of phishing attacks on your business. For example, phishing protection allows employees to report suspected phishing attacks, while also providing your organization with the collaborative tools needed to tackle phishing when it occurs.

So, given the business benefits of phishing protection, what solution is right for your business?

In this session, we will discuss:

  • Why phishing protection solutions are a must-have for your business
  • How to help employees more easily report suspected phishing
  • How to provide security teams with the necessary tools to investigate phishing reports
A Comprehensive Guide to User Behavior Analytics
Filming: 26th August 2021, 4 - 5:30pm BST

User behavior analytics (UBA) uncover patterns and insights, and are able to identify intruder compromise, insider threats, and suspicious activity within your network. As UBA is based on behavior, it can detect attacks that bypass threat intelligence, providing alerts earlier on in the attack chain and giving security teams more time to respond.

Join us in this episode as we uncover the inherent value that UBA can provide, and why it is so useful for unveiling and neutralizing threats.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • How user behavior analytics can accelerate your incident detection and response
  • Why having insight into user behavior is so critical for businesses today
  • The value of an integrated detection and investigation solution, and how it uses UBA to detect attacks early on
How to Stay Ahead of Threats With Deception Technology
Filming: 7th September 2021, 4 - 5:30pm BST

Deception technology deceives attackers by distributing traps and decoys across your system infrastructure. As breaches and attacks become more sophisticated, it is vital that security teams can detect suspicious activity as soon as possible in order to neutralize the threat. Deception technology is also beneficial because it decreases attacker time within the network, reduces alert fatigue, and produces useful metrics that demonstrate indicators of compromise, helping to prevent future breaches.

When it comes to incident detection, time and context are crucial, and the quicker threats are neutralized the better. Choosing deception technology that recognizes malicious activity early on in the attack chain buys your security team the time needed to respond quickly, and is the difference between a business just keeping up with new threats, and a business that is always one step ahead of attackers.

Breaking Down Cloud Security: Securing Your Infrastructure
Filming: 23rd September 2021, 4 - 5:30pm BST

Organizations are relying more and more on the flexibility and efficiency provided by cloud services. But it’s important to remember that cloud service providers only take responsibility for some security tasks. The customer is responsible for securing end user data, network traffic, and operating systems, as well as ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Cloud platforms also introduce some extra complications for security, such as complex cloud-based security tools, security information silos that make identifying attacks difficult, and attacks that focus on cloud platforms. To address risks and navigate cloud security challenges, you need to find a vulnerability management solution that continuously monitors misconfigurations in cloud networks. But what solution is best for your organization, and what does cloud security look like on a day-to-day basis?

In this session, we will discuss:

  • How to find vulnerabilities in the cloud
  • Cloud security complications and how to address them
  • How to detect threats and ensure compliance across hybrid and multi-cloud environments
Building and Maintaining Trust With Your Security
Filming: 7th October 2021, 4 - 5:30pm BST

When it comes to operational security, a holistic risk-based approach allows you to break down every level of your business to provide first-class security for your organization.

But what are the essential, core pillars of an effective approach to security? From availability to transparency, this session will discuss best practices, use cases, and how to adopt a security program that puts the client and their data at the center.

This session will give a comprehensive, one-stop shop approach to security, and discuss the essential pillars of cybersecurity that every company should have.

Join as we discuss:

  • What is meant by “trust,” and how to achieve it
  • The value of transparency, privacy, and availability
  • The state of cybersecurity in 2021
  • Trends and patterns we expect to see in 2022

Panelist Requirements:

  • Panelists must adhere 100% to our “NO COMMERCIALISM” Policy. If you cannot avoid commercialism, please do not agree to speak.
  • Panelists must share their information in an educational, non-commercial and non-self-promotional manner.

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