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The rapid shift to remote work in 2020 and the expedited shift to cloud technology it drove resulted in less visibility into the security ecosystem, less control of access points, and a larger, more varied attack surface — not to mention an increase in breaches and fraud. A global survey of security leaders revealed that increased cloud complexity is now one of the greatest security challenges, driven by hybrid and transient workloads, new software advancements, and heterogeneous public cloud use.
While security challenges have the potential to impede cloud migration, it’s imperative that agencies do not allow that to happen as the pandemic is proof that cloud and other modernization strategies are now mission-critical. Though a staggering 84% of organizations experienced a significant security incident over the past two years, a security team equipped with the right processes and tools has never been more critical to achieving cloud-driven transformation and mission success.

In Splunk’s series “Security Modernization Strategies & Solutions Every Agency Needs Now,” an expert host and guest speakers will explore how progressive CISOs can establish security as an enabler and accelerant for innovation, adopting zero-trust mindsets and modernizing their Security Operations Center (SOC) to seal any cracks. Key topics include:

  • Ways that security teams can establish security as an enabler and accelerator for innovation and cloud migration
  • Understandings of the critical connection between data strategies and security to protect your agency from fraud
  • The key components when it comes to modernizing a SOC in the era of the cloud – and how a zero-trust architecture is crucial to doing so
  • Why an analytics-driven SOC, along with automation, is necessary to complement a zero-trust mindset to protect against adversaries
The Keys to Future-Proofing Your Agency Against Fraud
Filming: August 12, 2021, 11:00am - 12:30pm ET | 8:00 - 9:30am PT

As more agencies and the services they provide digitally transform, fraud and its associated risks are more prevalent than ever — and now on a global scale. Across state governments, agencies are struggling to outpace innovative fraudsters, with new threats seemingly lurking around every corner of digital transformation. What are the top tools and strategies organization and IT leaders should be armed with to future-proof their agency against the threat of fraud, securing their data to not only protect residents, but also to reduce loss of capital, reputation, and efficiency?

In Splunk’s webinar “The Keys to Future-Proofing Your Agency Against Fraud,” top anti-fraud experts will discuss the essentials all agencies should implement to continue safely and confidently evolving their modernization initiatives that require next-gen monitoring and analytics. The episode, part of Splunk’s series dedicated to enhancing enterprise data analytics for public sector organizations, will explore Splunk’s capabilities to outpace innovative fraudulent practices and ultimately drive organizational success. Key points to explore include:

  • The limitations of traditional anti-fraud tools to detect the ever-evolving forms that fraud can take — and the impact of these forms on eligibility program success
  • Why massive amounts of unstructured data that agencies generate leave them less efficient and less capable of detecting fraud
  • How machine learning and machine data are equipping fraud teams to effectively monitor, identify, and respond to new kinds of fraudulent activity
  • Review the latest technology and tools to leverage when it comes to enhancing enterprise fraud detection

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