Demandbase has developed a cost-effective and scalable method for delivering highly engaged leads into its business that continues to drive revenue growth.
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About the company

Demandbase is a targeting and personalization platform for business-to-business (B2B) companies. Marketers can target online ads to companies that fit pre-determined criteria based on attributes and metrics like industry, revenue, customer status, or products purchased.  The platform provides services such as managed analytics consulting, target account marketing, and Facebook ad targeting. The company’s patented technology can identify businesses visiting websites through the use of their network IP address, without the use of cookies and in real-time.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Demandbase was founded in 2006 by CEO Chris Golec.


Demandbase is a Buyer 2.0 solution provider that offers marketers an account-targeting and personalization platform to identify and engage buyers. Leveraging advanced analytics, the insight from this Web data can be incorporated into sales and marketing efforts as actionable intelligence to increase revenues.

Demandbase needed to expand its market presence and engage more potential customers in a personal way that stayed within the marketing budget. In short, it needed to generate more high-quality customer engagements at an affordable price.

Webinars and hosted video were preferred methods to connect with interested parties, but obtaining audiences on a larger and cost-effective scale had been difficult. The webinar and video provider the company was using capped the total number of registered attendees. Demandbase determined that it would be best to prioritize a scalable webinar platform, even if the annual cost for the service was higher.

Its previous platform also suffered from technical limitations that reduced the quality of webinars as an engagement tool. It also lacked an intuitive interface for Demandbase staff. To increase its use of webinars, it needed a new vendor with a modern, innovative, and interactive platform. Ultimately, the company was looking for a partner relationship with a vendor that delivered more functionality.


The marketing team needed a service that permitted an unlimited number of webinar registrants for a flat fee. The service needed to be stable and reliable, as well as able to establish services immediately. Additional requirements included the need for an intuitive interface, hosted video, downloadable content, on-screen polls, and an interactive question-and-answer capability. The final solution also needed to integrate with their back office marketing automation tool, Eloqua.

Demandbase identified several vendor candidates, but quickly narrowed the field down to BrightTALK.  BrightTALK met all the selection criteria and sealed the deal with a partnership approach.

Through staff training, co-branded marketing events, speaking engagements in BrightTALK™ Summits, social media, and targeted email blasts, BrightTALK’s services generate customer referrals for Demandbase, over and above those gained via the webinar channel. And, Demandbase was up and running almost immediately. 


Demandbase feels the partnership with BrightTALK has exceeded initial expectations, and that the platform has been easy to use and effective. BrightTALK’s close working relationship with Demandbase ensures that future upgrades are integrated seamlessly and that staff are regularly trained.

After nearly a year of using the BrightTALK platform, Demandbase has actively driven more than 1,000 subscribers to its BrightTALK™ Channel. Based on the investment in the technology and partnership with BrightTALK, Demandbase has developed a cost-effective and scalable method for delivering highly engaged leads into its business that continues to drive revenue growth.

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