PandaDoc increases demand and grows a highly engaged audience by running webinar programs on BrightTALK’s content and demand marketing platform.

“With the added bonus of organic leads, our channel is growing significantly without having to do any extra work.”

Bethany Fagan
Marketing Manager

About the company

PandaDoc is an American software company providing SaaS software. The platform provides sales processes software.

PandaDoc is based in San Francisco, California with main offices in Minsk, Belarus and St. Petersburg, Florida.


PandaDoc recognized the value and versatility of webinars but needed a platform they could trust - especially after encountering a series of frustrating technical issues.

Eager to grow their mid-market and enterprise sectors while still keeping current customers engaged, PandaDoc sought a reliable technology partner that would help make their growth goals a success.


PandaDoc’s search led them to BrightTALK, an industry-leading content and demand marketing platform, which also features a built-in community of 12 million professionals viewing content across various industries.

They selected BrightTALK for its ease of use, built-in recording and on-demand functionality, and ability to deliver in-depth content engagement data, according to Bethany Fagan, Marketing Manager at PandaDoc. 

“Webinars are a key tool for revenue growth at PandaDoc, so we needed a platform that was reliable, innovative, and scalable,” she said. “We found that with BrightTALK.”


BrightTALK helped PandaDoc elevate their brand and build credibility with core audiences through streaming content. By running webinars on BrightTALK, they’ve seen a measurable increase in demo requests.

PandaDoc has also leveraged BrightTALK's active community of 200K+ Sales professionals to generate complementary organic leads. 

By tagging their streaming content with keywords that were trending in BrightTALK’s Sales community, PandaDoc has been able to easily reach this key target audience with their content. In fact, users who organically find PandaDoc's content on BrightTALK make up 35% of their Channel subscribers - driving up their ROI.

“With the added bonus of organic leads, our Channel is growing significantly without having to do any extra work,” said Fagan.

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