Viptela hosts an industry-leading virtual summit and drives pipeline growth with BrightTALK.

“From an ROI perspective, BrightTALK isn’t going to be beat”

Courtney Kehl
Global Marketing Enterprise Networks

About the company

Viptela is a fast growing, private company that is disrupting network infrastructure technology that enterprises use to connect their facilities, users and applications. Featured in the Forbes, Wall Street Journal and leading trade-press journals, Viptela has emerged as a clear leader in the multi-billion Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) segment. Over 25 Fortune-500 companies deploy Viptela technology at thousands of sites on six continents, to drastically simplify their WAN infrastructure with over 50% cost-savings. Verizon and Singtel offer managed services, globally, based on Viptela's SD-WAN technology.


Viptela provides Fabric technology that Enterprises and Service Providers use to deliver a superior user-to-application experience. To drive more qualified leads and educate key audiences, the Viptela marketing team decided to run a week-long virtual summit, featuring 17 webinars on the topic of SD-WAN.

Offering insights and predictions from key thought leaders within the industry, Viptela had developed a strategy to reach their demand goals but needed the right platform to bring the summit to life.


Courtney Kehl, Director of Demand Generation and Digital at Viptela, turned to BrightTALK, a company she trusted from her experience with webinar programming at other organizations.

As a leading SD-WAN provider, Viptela saw the summit as a high-profile opportunity to connect with prospects, customers, analysts, and partners.

“We had 12 different partners express interest in participating once they realized the industry impact that this event would make"

BrightTALK worked with Viptela to ensure that the summit was streamlined, interactive, and rich in value for everyone involved. To deliver on their lead generation goals, Viptela also relied on BrightTALK to target relevant industry professionals and drive summit attendance. Integrations with Marketo and Salesforce, as well as on-demand recordings of the webinars post-event, further helped Viptela leverage their summit to drive sales and content marketing efforts.

“All of those things make a big difference, because the actual execution can be brutal with other platforms."


Viptela’s five-day event drew larger audiences than in similar Customer Summits on BrightTALK, allowing them to convert 33% of their webinar views into marketing qualified leads, and 23% of those MQLs into opportunities. These conversion rates rank significantly higher than industry standards for webinars.

The leads from the summit accounted for a significant increase in pipeline and “phenomenal” revenue, according to Kehl.

“It’s easily repeatable and an example any other marketer can follow.”

As a result of the summit, audience re-engagement with multiple pieces of content grew to 3x more than their competitors, and the event’s success led Viptela to increase their investment with BrightTALK, which Kehl called a “top-tier platform.”

“From an ROI perspective, BrightTALK isn’t going to be beat."

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