Customize email notification templates

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[Professional and Enterprise-only feature]

For comprehensive information on the BrightTALK email service, click here.

Step 1

From the channel management page, navigate to the Promotion tab, then choose BrightTALK email service.

Step 2

Click Edit on the email notification you would like to customize.

Step 3

Click Create a custom template to access the HTML and text template codes.

Step 4

Use the current HTML Email body as a reference to create your custom email.

Personalization tags (variables) with descriptions are available on the right-hand side. Use the Insert link to place the tags into the Email body window, or use your preferred HTML editor.

Click Copy text from HTML to produce a plain text version of the email. Click Save when complete.

Step 5

Click Preview & send test to preview the email and to send a test email out. To activate the template, select the Activate radio button.

Useful tips

  • Think about the experience of your audience when crafting your emails.
  • Make your emails consistent with the other emails that your organization sends. Include links to your website and social media profiles.
  • BrightTALK can produce custom HTML emails that match your branding requirements. Ask your customer success rep for details.

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