Flip the Switch on Virtual Events

With the pivot of physical to virtual and even more recently, hybrid, marketers are faced with a major change of priority. As the virtual events landscape shifts to become more top of mind, marketers face the need to build a strong foundation by understanding and executing on the fundamentals.

Virtual events have taken on a new meaning and it’s no surprise that they are the new normal for B2B marketers. As we strive to implement strategies that promote efficiency and high ROI, virtual events continuously top the list of go-to-market channels. They have become a pivotal component for marketing and allow for limitless opportunities to exercise your creativity when capturing your target audience.  Through this eBook, you’ll learn methods that will help you maximize tactics to generate demand in a virtual environment. You’ll find various templates and BrightTALK’s recommended plan on how to pull together a virtual event strategy efficiently and effectively.

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