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Embedding is a powerful tool that allows you to seamlessly integrate your BrightTALK Channel or individual videos and webinars directly into your own website. Embedding content increases organic registrations and multiplies the reach of your content.

Step 1

From the channel management page, navigate to the Promotion tab and expand details for embeds.

Step 2

Click Preview and get code for the embed type that best fits your needs.

Available embed types

  • Full channel list – Embed the full channel list for all upcoming, live and recorded webcasts.
  • Webcast in channel – Embed a selected webcast with audience access to the full channel list.
  • Webcast only – Embed a webcast without giving your audience access to the rest of the content in your channel.
  • Webcast only (widescreen) – Embed a widescreen webcast without audience access to the full channel list (recommended for video).
  • Promotional widget: Channel list MPU – An online advertising format of the full channel list. Viewers are re-directed to the default channel location.
  • Promotional widget: Slide feature MPU – An online advertising format featuring the first slide of one or more pre-selected webcasts. Viewers are redirected to the default webcast location.

Audience redirection

To get the most out of your embeds, provide your customer success rep with the URL location of your full channel list embed code. This allows BrightTALK to redirect your audience to your landing page through the unique links included in your automated emails.

e.g. www.yourdomain.com/webinars?commid=12345

An Email notification will be sent to your audience alerting them that the event they registered for has been rescheduled or canceled.

Useful tips

A live webinar will automatically shut down 4 minutes past the scheduled end time. Manage your time accordingly. Your webinar will automatically convert to an on-demand recording. An unlimited number of practice sessions are available to you. Use them to test timing, audio quality and review performance before a live event. The cut-off point to make any changes to a webinar is 15 minutes before the start time, with the exception of uploading slides. Slide uploads for Pro Webinar have no upload deadline.

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