FinTech 2021: Trends and Outlook

November 2-5, 2020

Benefits of Speaking

  • Share your insight, extend your reach, and connect with the world’s brightest professionals and experts.
  • By speaking in Online Summits such as FinTech 2021: Trends and Outlook, you will become a trusted expert on topics relevant to your industry.
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Summit Abstract

According to a recent Gartner report, only 12% of financial services organizations are mature in their digital transformations and fall into the category of a “Digital Transformer.” But many financial institutions are striving to join these ranks through innovative growth strategies and adoption of disruptive tech like AI, blockchain, and advanced analytics. Discover the trends and technologies that are helping shape and transform the financial services industry as we approach 2021.

We are particularly interested in best practices in:

  • An Eye for Detail: Regulatory and Compliance Tools and Best Practices – Keep an eye on the tools and strategies that are streamlining the process of regulatory compliance in the financial services industry.
  • The Global Future of Banking and Payments: Opportunities and Challenges – Discover opportunities and navigate common challenges as you explore the landscape of open banking, digitization, frictionless payments, e-commerce and more.
  • Next-Generation Security for Financial Services – Learn how to overcome security challenges and vulnerabilities that affect financial institutions using the latest security tools and best practices.
  • Optimizing Financial Data Management and Insights – Explore how analytics, data management, and AI technology are enabling banks to be more agile and innovative.

Thank you for your interest in FinTech 2021: Trends and Outlook online Summit. Please be aware that some of the sessions may be presented in a panel format and/or may feature multiple speakers. The decision to feature multiple speakers in any session is at the sole discretion of Summit organizers.

Speaker Requirements:

  • Speakers must adhere 100% to our “NO COMMERCIALISM” Policy. If you cannot avoid commercialism, please do not agree to speak.
  • Speakers must share their information in an educational, non-commercial and non-self-promotional manner.
  • Speakers must provide session description for the Summit website.

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    Speaker Proposed Track: November 2: An Eye for Detail: Regulatory and Compliance Tools and Best PracticesNovember 3: The Global Future of Banking and Payments: Opportunities and ChallengesNovember 4: Next-Generation Security for Financial ServicesNovember 5: Optimizing Financial Data Management and Insights
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