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Identify accounts and leads with buying intent

Discover the buying groups researching topics you care about on BrightTALK

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Detect purchase interest and stakeholders early

Track intent with measurable engagement across 8M+ professionals who join over 100,000 free Talks on BrightTALK.

Enjoy an active feed of BrightTALK Intent Leads watching relevant content on our platform.

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Monitor trending topics to find more opportunities

Know when new accounts and contacts enter a buying cycle based on topics that indicate relevant intent.

Our AI-powered recommendation engine (Ada) monitors topic activity across an account so you don’t miss any opportunities.

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Drive business growth with powerful algorithms and easy integrations

Leverage AI-powered intent scoring from viewing frequency, time, downloads, questions, ratings, votes and surging activity.

Enjoy easy Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, Eloqua connectors that are set up in minutes.

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Businesses who use BrightTALK share their success stories

Caringo uses BrightTALK to educate audiences and build out their sales pipeline.

Palo Alto Networks inspires audiences and grows revenue with BrightTALK.

Red Hat Acquires more of their ideal audience on BrightTALK using Content Leads.

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