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Step 1

From the webcast management page, click Invite your network, then expand the Link tab.

Select the appropriate link to direct your audience to either your BrightTALK event page or an embedded player page as applicable. Either link will direct your audience to the content before, during and after your live webinar.

Step 2

Share your content with your social networks.

Campaign Tracking

For more information on campaign tracking please reference our Support article or contact

Reaching BrightTALK communities

BrightTALK has more than 4 million engaged professionals across its communities. Increase organic referral traffic by tagging your content into relevant BrightTALK communities.

Useful tips

  • Inform your customer success representative when you embed your channel so that audience redirection can be configured for your channel.
  • Utilize your channel RSS feed to instantly post newly published content to your social media outlets.
  • Email is usually the most effective tool for driving webinar registrations.

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