ITSM in 2021

December 1-4, 2020

Benefits of Speaking

  • Share your insight, extend your reach, and connect with the world’s brightest professionals and experts.
  • By speaking in Online Summits such as ITSM in 2021, you will become a trusted expert on topics relevant to your industry.
  • Your photo and bio prominently featured on the Summit landing page, establishing you and your company as trusted and respected experts.

Summit Abstract

After a year of big change in the world of IT Service Management, round off the year by taking a look at how ITSM has evolved in 2020 and predicting where it’s headed in 2021. From forecasts on how the service desk will change in the next 12 months, to debates on how to streamline configuration, change and release management and automate CSI, this Summit will see experts share how to navigate the year ahead and take advantage of the evolving techscape.

We are particularly interested in successful implementations and/or best practices in:

  • Streamlined Configuration, Change and Release Management
    December 1, 2020
    Discover how streamlined configuration, change and release management can make all the difference to businesses.
  • Automating Continual Service Improvement
    December 2, 2020
    Explore how automating continual service improvement can revolutionize your approach to ITSM.
  • Marrying DevOps and ITSM
    December 3, 2020
    Understand how to marry DevOps and ITSM for a more impactful ITSM strategy.
  • Strategies for the 2021 Service Desk
    December 4, 2020
    Take a closer look at new strategies and insights for an advanced service desk.

Thank you for your interest in ITSM in 2021 online Summit. Please be aware that some of the sessions may be presented in a panel format and/or may feature multiple speakers. The decision to feature multiple speakers in any session is at the sole discretion of Summit organizers.

Speaker Requirements:

  • Speakers must adhere 100% to our “NO COMMERCIALISM” Policy. If you cannot avoid commercialism, please do not agree to speak.
  • Speakers must share their information in an educational, non-commercial and non-self-promotional manner.
  • Speakers must provide session description for the Summit website.

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