BrightTALK Partner Program

You want to grow your business.  We have 12M+ opt-in business professionals and the largest global B2B platform for virtual events and presentations. Join our partner program to become the digital events partner your clients can’t live without.

Cancellations shouldn’t impact your clients event marketing strategy, pivot to virtual events.

Have your clients been impacted by cancelling or postponing in-person events? Does this leave a gap in their go-to-market strategy?

BrightTALK offers a single vendor solution for virtual events, webinars and live video presentations with opt-in leads. Our platform and teams have delivered tens of thousands of virtual events and webinars to millions of professionals over the past 18 years. This proven platform can quickly power your online events at any scale.

Deliver a turnkey solution to clients while growing service revenue

B2B businesses are flipping the switch from analog to digital content and demand marketing.

Are you ready to help your clients with this transition? How do you go from a standing start to offering turnkey virtual events, running virtual events at scale, and acquiring audiences with ease?

BrightTALK’s partner program allows you to rapidly grow your revenue while enjoying the simplicity, speed and success that comes from working with a single vendor for all your virtual event, webinar and live video presentation needs.

Earn commissions and enjoy predictable revenue

We know that working on retainers can be nerve racking, especially during these times.

Would you like to create more predictable revenue streams for your business? Then you’ll enjoy the powerful partner offers we’ve developed - they’re easy to sell and easy to buy.

BrightTALK partners earn 15% on new and recurring bookings. They also qualify for many other perks including best practice training, sales/success support and co-marketing to BrightTALK’s community of over 600K B2B marketers.
Connect with our partners team
Audience Insights
Discover our audience of over 12M professionals and dive into key engagement data to run better campaigns.
Powerful integrations
BrightTALK works with your tech stack. From CRM to marketing automation, your programs and data flow seamlessly.
80+ Fields of data
More than just views, BrightTALK provides detailed engagement data so you can make decisions and enable sales.
White label embeds and emails
With HTML5 embeds and custom branded emails, audiences will connect with your brand.
One-time registration
Whether on your site, our site, or across the web, users get right to the content with single sign-on registration.
External video sources
For high-production events leverage external cameras or any video input to elevate the experience