Presenting a Pro Webinar

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Step 1

If you plan to share your screen: Be sure you have these things in place for your Pro Webinar presentation: landline telephone, 2 computers (one computer to display your screenshare screen, and one computer to display your BrightTALK presenter screen).


At 30 minutes to live, start your screen share on one computer and add it to the BrightTALK presenter screen. To add your screenshare, simply click ‘Add screen share’ in the BrightTALK presenter screen.


If you plan to upload slides, you may do this at any time leading up to or during your Pro Webinar, though we strongly encourage you to upload your slides well in advance of going live, for the best audience experience. You will upload your slides by browsing to or dragging or dropping your slides into the ‘Slides’ tab in the presenter screen.


Step 2

At 15 minutes to live, you’ll be prompted when it’s time to dial in.

Up to 7 presenters can dial in at one time and you’ll be able to talk each other before going live. Your audience will not be able to hear you or see your shared screen until the presentation is live.


Step 3

You’ll be prompted when it’s time to go live to your audience (simply click ‘Start presenting‘ to begin your live webinar).

  • Check that your phone is not muted.
  • Check all your presenters are ready.
  • Click start presenting.
  • You are now live. Your audio via the phone and your screenshare and/or slide advances are being broadcast to your audience. You can receive audience questions and feedback from the BrightTALK presenter screen.


Step 4

To reschedule a webinar or change a webinar’s details, click Edit booking. This will bring you to an overview of your webinar details. Click Edit settings to change your details or Cancel booking to cancel your event.

An email notification will be sent to your audience alerting them that the event they registered for has been rescheduled or canceled.

Useful tips

  • Be sure to read through the Presenter Instructions in advance of presenting a live Pro Webinar.
  • Don’t forget to add attachments and/or links in advance of 15 minutes to live start time.
  • If you have multiple presenters, you can use each other to test audio clarity before you start presenting.

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