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BrightTALK’s community of asset managers and financial advisors engage with more than 9,000 videos and webinars to more successfully meet the investment goals of their clients.

Discover a global audience of engaged buyers with over $7 billion in budget.

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Connect with a global audience of engaged buyers and decisions makers who come to BrightTALK to self-educate.

Investment management professionals turn to BrightTALK for insights and vibrant discussions with industry leaders.

Jaimie Arguello Barclays Wealth & Investment

Jaimie Arguello Barclays Wealth & Investment

Shauna Bevan Charles Stanely

Shauna Bevan Charles Stanely

Typical audiences in the investment management community across the UK, EMEA, US and APAC

Research analysts
Investment analysts
Financial advisers
Fund managers

Wealth managers
Private bankers
Investment directors

“Audiobooks take forever, I much prefer BrightTALK to learn and get my CPEs.”

—ERMT Analyst, Wells Fargo

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