Increase conversions with intent data on your ideal audience

Keyword Leads connect you with behavioral intent data of audiences on BrightTALK.  Over 7M professionals engage with 75,000 talks and 1,000 online summits to inform decisions, stay current and advance their career.

Our AI-powered Keyword Leads processes millions of intent data points to match your category with your ideal audience.

BrightTALK allows us to tap into an audience we otherwise wouldn’t have reached. We put a lot into our webinar program and it’s great to expand our sales opportunities without doubling the effort.

-Marketing Programs Manager

With BrightTALK Keyword Leads, you can expect…

  • Instant in-filter leads that watched 2 webinars in your category
  • Immediate 2x lift in responses when compared to cold or fatigued lists
  • Behavioral intent data for smarter sales conversations

Expand conversions

AI-powered recommendations target your ideal audience among our 6M+ users. We guarantee leads to your videos.

Increase pipeline contribution

Improved brand recall increases prospect and customer response rates by 80%.

Strengthen awareness

Strategic online presence before, during and after top industry events extends your reach and return on investment.

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