Generate event quality leads, differentiate your brand and showcase your expertise by sponsoring BrightTALK Community Summits.

Every month over 30,000 professionals source solutions and stay current by attending over 200 Community Summits. These online events showcase the latest ideas and insights from world-class experts, innovators and visionaries.

Our community of 7M+ professionals shapes the event calendar in partnership with our content strategists. This ensures that our events are well attended and draw the decision makers you want to reach. Our sponsorship packages help you access buyers, position brand and radiate expertise while reducing cost per acquisition.

Online advertising and events are other options to generate awareness and demand, but BrightTALK offers better results at a fraction of the cost with a much faster time to value.

-IoT Ecosystem Sales Program Manager

Sponsors of BrightTALK Community Summits…

  • Work with the #1 solution for online summits with 1,000+ attended by 2M+ attendees
  • Join other sponsors who are converting >$20M in pipeline and $3M in closed deals
  • AI-powered promotions drive ideal audiences to your sponsored track and presentation with a low drag on resources
  • Showcase your brand and expertise alongside world-class experts and reach key audiences before your competitors without having to leave the offices

Expand conversions

AI-powered recommendations target your ideal audience among our 7M+ users. We guarantee leads to your videos.

Increase pipeline contribution

Improved brand recall increases prospect and customer response rates by 80%.

Strengthen awareness

Strategic online presence before, during and after top industry events extends your reach and return on investment.

What to expect from a BrightTALK Community Summit

Lead guarantee




Number of leads (Global, EMEA or NORAM)100 - 200*250 - 400*500 - 900*
Registrants and attendees to your presentation
Most engaged attendees from sponsored track and summit (to fulfill total audience guarantee required)

Promotions and filters

AI-powered promotions by Ada, our intelligent assistant, to generate the most relevant leads
100 % leads within your region and company size preferences, guaranteed
MAP/CRM automated lead delivery

Branding and awareness

Logo on Community Summit page
Logo in email promotions
Inclusion in post Community Summit highlights e-mail to all Summit attendees


Customer case study or best practices webinar**
Exclusive round table panel participation (min. 3-event commitment - first come, first serve)
Premium AM speaking slot***


# sponsor limits (3 tracks per summit)2 per track1 per track1 per track
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