Increase pipeline contribution and customer retention with your own exclusive online events

BrightTALK has run over 1,500 online summits that have been attended by over 2M professionals. Customer Summits combine our proven platform and experienced teams to deliver modern online event experiences frequently, quickly and with lower drag on resources than alternatives.

Online advertising and events are other options to generate awareness and demand, but BrightTALK offers better results at a fraction of the cost with a much faster time to value.

– IoT Ecosystem Sales Program Manager, Cisco

  • Advanced machine learning targets your ideal customer profile among our community of 7M+ professionals with in-filter audiences guaranteed
  • A single vendor solution for your online event destination, presenter platform, audience acquisition, nurture, speaker coordination and live day management lessens complexity
  • Behavioral data from millions of engagements on BrightTALK power our editorial advice so your presenters are more successful

Expand conversions

AI-powered recommendations target your ideal audience among our 6M+ users. We guarantee leads to your videos.

Increase pipeline contribution

Improved brand recall increases prospect and customer response rates by 80%.

Strengthen awareness

Strategic online presence before, during and after top industry events extends your reach and return on investment.

What’s included with your BrightTALK Customer Summit

BrightTALK branded


Co-branded + company branded

Editorial strategy

Editorial consultation to develop topics and themes that inspire audiences (1 hour)

100% in-filter leads, guaranteed

Ada, our AI-powered intelligent assistant, generates targeted leads within your region, company size and job level preferences.

Expert event management

Less stress with an event manager to coordinate speakers and live day support for up to 6 presentations

Organic audience from BrightTALK

Complimentary opt-in leads who discover your Summit on BrightTALK

Featured presenters

Highlighted presenters on Summit page to showcase exciting subject matter experts

Theme-based tracks

Topical content tracks to organize content into themes that resonate with your audience

Interactive comments

Interactive audience comments board to encourage audience discussion (optional)

Featured sponsor/partner logos

High visibility sponsor or partner logos on Summit site so you can co- market your event

Co-branded Summit website

Configurable color, font and logo to raise brand awareness with BrightTALK audiences

Company branded Summit website

Configurable color, font and logo without any BrightTALK branding for your own customer and partner promotions
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