Review Performances Channel summary charts

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Summary charts are graphical depictions of your channel’s ongoing performance. Summary charts are available at both the channel and webinar levels. The following two charts show channel-level data.

Audience activity

This summary report is located on the channel management page under the summary chart. Use this chart to measure the amount of activity on each webinar or video in your channel. Compare registrations and viewings of your webinars over time.

Review Performances-Webcast summary charts

Webinar-level summary charts can be accessed by clicking the Webcast reports from the webcast management page. The three types of summary charts are listed below.

Audience growth

This chart displays the activity of the registrants of your webinar. Use this chart to track registrations and viewings from the time you schedule your webinar or upload your video moving forward.

Live viewers and exits

This chart displays the number of viewers and exits during the live event. Use this chart to identify which sections of your webinar were the most compelling to increase engagement for future webinars.

On-demand viewers by minutes viewed

This chart displays the number of on-demand viewers by their total minutes viewed of the webinar. Use this chart to identify how long your on-demand viewers remain engaged with your webinar.

Useful tips

  • Provide these charts to your team to share an overview of your efforts and webinar performance.
  • Continue to promote your recorded content to turn your registered no-shows into on-demand viewers.
  • Most live viewers enter into the webinar 5 minutes after its start time. Make sure your presenter waits until after this time to cover his or her most important speaking points.

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