Schedule a Pro Webinar

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Step 1

From the channel management page, click Add content. Select Schedule a webinar and choose the proper webinar type: Pro Webinar.

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Step 2

Fill in the relevant webcast details. Click proceed.

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Select Practice (Private) under Publishing to schedule a practice webinar. Campaign reference allows you to add your organization’s own campaign or booking reference that relates to this webcast.

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Step 3

You are taken to the Prepare & present screen. From this area, you can add content, invite your audience, gather login details for your presenters and more.

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Edit details or cancel webinar

To reschedule a webinar or change a webinar’s details, click Edit booking. This will bring you to an overview of your webinar details. Click Edit settings to change your details or Cancel booking to cancel your event.

An Email notification will be sent to your audience alerting them that the event they registered for has been rescheduled or canceled.

Useful tips

A live webinar will automatically shut down 4 minutes past the scheduled end time. Manage your time accordingly. Your webinar will automatically convert to an on-demand recording. An unlimited number of practice sessions are available to you. Use them to test timing, audio quality and review performance before a live event. The cut-off point to make any changes to a webinar is 15 minutes before the start time, with the exception of uploading slides. Slide uploads for Pro Webinar have no upload deadline.

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