BrightTALK for Lead Generation

Reach highly-engaged buyers with webinars and virtual events

69% of B2B buyers watch a webinar before making a purchase
BrightTALK’s audience spends over 30 minutes watching each webinar
62% of professionals are ready to request pricing after watching a relevant vendor webinar
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Guaranteed engagement, guaranteed ROI

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Reach more buyers

Create always-on lead generation campaigns with webinars and virtual events

Build your brand

Sponsor virtual events produced by trusted editors and analysts

Fuel your pipeline

Feed your sales team account and prospect-level intent data from active buyers

Join thousands of customers reaching more buyers on BrightTALK

Designed to increase pipeline contribution

PrEcise targeting

Exactly who you're looking for

Reach the in-market prospects you care about with precise lead guarantees. With global reach and scalable native ads, BrightTALK can deliver B2B campaigns targeting all major job functions and geographies.

Create targeted campaigns or always-on subscriptions
Target our opt-in users by professional persona or account
Receive actionable engagement data in real time
Q4 EMEA Prospects
This audience contains all users in...
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Manager +
Company size
ABM list
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subscribers steadily contributing to sales pipeline
Craig Chappell
Head of Digital

First party Promotions

How we promote your content

Webinars and virtual events are effortlessly promoted to our opt-in audience. Users receive AI-driven recommendations through native ads, email promotions, and within BrightTALK search results.

Website and app feeds
Email promotion
Search results
An image that shows a preview of a  current webinar, plus webinar recommendations within BrightTALK's webinar pageAn image showing "information technology" being searched in the search bar, with relevant webinars showing in a list below itAn image that shows an envelope overlaid on an example of an email designed by BrightTALK to promote webinars


Instant action

BrightTALK offers native integrations for your CRM and marketing automation system, allowing for prompt action from your sales teams or automated cadences.
An image that shows the native integrations that work with BrightTALK and your company's CRM and marketing automation system

opT-in first party data

Our users are conducting research to make buying decisions

Expand the reach of your content by tapping into BrightTALK’s opt-in communities of millions of professionals who love watching webinars.

Overall BrightTALK audience
Active users
Monthly Interactions

Lead generation products

Solutions for every stage of the funnel

Whether you're looking to increase market presence and awareness, or simply close more deals, we have lead products that cater to each stage of the buyer's journey.

Content Leads

Acquire leads that engage with your webinars and videos

Increase pipeline contribution and grow demand by generating high-quality leads who have engaged with your content.
LogRhythm company logo

"Over two years, one third of LogRhythm's pipeline came from webinars and videos, so this has received a lot of executive attention. From an ROI perspective, BrightTALK continues to perform."

of pipeline comes from webinars and videos
Christina Phillips
Senior Marketing Ops Manager
An image collage of the Campaigns tab features in BrightTALK Central

Virtual event Sponsorship

Build awareness at scale

Sponsor industry-leading virtual events that attract 30,000 attendees per month and feature world-class experts covering topics your ideal audience cares about.
Zerto company logo

“We generated leads in areas we wouldn’t have targeted from Summits we wouldn’t have known were a good fit”

better conversion rates
Nate Gagne
Field & Channel Marketing Manager
An image collage of the BrightTALK Central Virtual Events tab features

Original Series

Streamline content creation from ideation to lead generation

Position yourself as an industry leader and generate high-quality, engaged leads by leveraging our team of content creation experts.

Intent Data

Identify target accounts and leads with buying intent

Discover the buyers who are researching topics you care about on BrightTALK to detect purchase interest and stakeholders early.
An image collage showing the Insights tab and features within BrightTALK Central

Trusted by companies large and small

Our customers create over 30,000 webinars on BrightTALK each year, generating millions of engagements to drive growth in their businesses.

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"We found a huge increase in the number of registrations per webinar but also the quality of people coming in was better."

Jess Bahr
Senior Director, Growth Marketing
the audience per webinar
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"Our marketing development reps really like the leads that come in from BrightTALK"

Susan Gilchrist
Principal Program Marketing Manager
Closed-won deals
BrightTALK is there, usually multiple times
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"We needed a partner like BrightTALK to reach audiences that weren't coming to our website"

Savina Angel
Director, Demand Generation
return on investment
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"As a lead generation tool, what really impresses us is the quality of the leads."

Sarah Cook
Director of Marketing
integration with all of our tools
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“Quarter after quarter, BrightTALK consistently sits in the top three demand generation activities and delivers significant ROI,”

Craig Chappell
Head of Digital
subscribers steadily contributing to sales pipeline
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