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Syndication enables you to distribute your content across multiple channels. The originating channel retains control of the webinar including the date, time, duration, slides and votes. Receiving channels have the ability to promote the webinar to their communities and configure registration and surveys to suit their needs.

Step 1

From the receiving channel management page, click Add content and select Syndicate into this channel.

Step 2

Search for the title of the content you would like to syndicate into another channel. Click Syndicate in then click Confirm on the following confirmation pane.

Step 3

The originating channel owner will receive an email requesting approval. Click the link in the email to go to the Syndication section of the webinar in the originating channel to approve the syndication.

You can also reach this area manually by clicking Syndication from the webcast management page.

Step 4

Click Manage for the content intended for syndication and then Approve within the pop-up.

Useful tips

  • Syndication will become active once both channel owners have approved.
  • The originating channel can see summary figures on syndicated content. The receiving channel retains privacy of detailed subscriber information.
  • Receiving channels can tailor the details of a syndicated webinar to best suit their audience.

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