Upload a video

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Step 1

From the channel management page, click Add content. Select Upload video. Fill in the relevant detail fields, and click Proceed.

Step 2

Click Browse and select the video you would like to upload. Select your advanced options (as desired), add your feature image, select your upload location and click Upload.

Step 3

Preview your video before publishing.

Step 4

Select Edit and publish from the top-left menu then Edit settings in the lower-right corner. Under thePublishing section, change the video status to Publish, then click Proceed to save your changes.

Useful tips

  • Use the following compression settings for the best results:
  • Codec- H.264
  • Frame Rate – 25 or 30 FPS
  • Data Rate – 2,000 kbps
  • Resolution – 4:3 – 640×480 or 16:9 – 1280×720


  • Codec -AAC
  • Data Rate – 128 kbps
  • Sample rate – 44.1kHz


  • Create a custom featured image instead of just capturing a still image from the video. Featured image dimensions are 640×480.


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