The Marketing Measurement Lab: Leveraging Your Data and Systems

The Marketing Measurement Lab
February 23, 2022 8:00 AM
We're demonstrating the best practices you need to create and run your systems at scale.

Most B2B marketers will agree that sound measurement is crucial when determining the success and ROI of your webinar programs. Today’s demand gen teams have thousands of data points at their fingertips, but pinpointing the right metrics and insights is easier said than done. 

In this new BrightTALK series, The Marketing Measurement Lab, we’ll provide a clear and concise structure for measuring your programs and proving their impact on pipeline and revenue. Tune in for the premiere episode to learn:

  • How to build the foundation for strong measurement. 
  • Key operational processes and tools that will streamline your approach. 
  • Best practices you’ll need to create and run your systems at scale.
  • How the BrightTALK marketing team builds campaigns, syncs over engagement data, and contextualizes leads to drive sales pipelines and lead conversions.