“We’re all struggling to create video content from our living rooms,” explains Mike Lacy, BrightTALK’s webinar services manager. “But a lot of people have been doing it for a long time now. If you want to see how it’s done, look at YouTube and podcasting.” No matter how big the brand (or the advertising budget), everyone is struggling to produce great video content from home after the worldwide switch to a fully distributed workforce. We’ll let you in on a secret: it is possible to produce great content from your couch. In this episode, we’ll explore how the switch to working-in-place has forced the rapid evolution of video production and what it means for the future. We’ll break down what’s working, what’s not, and what you can do to ensure your brand comes across as authentically authentic.

Join Frank Hanley and Pooja Kapadia, along with MB Welch and Mike Lacey, as they take you behind the scenes with The Studio, the BrightTALK content series that pulls back the curtain on B2B video production in the marketing world. --- BrightTALK Studios is the strategic, creative, and production division of BrightTALK. Along with our partners around the world, our teams in London, New York, and Sydney help businesses define and create the content they need to engage their target audience.